Oh My How You've Grown! Accustomed To The Fire In Your Veins

by Cure for the radio

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5 song ep


released July 13, 2012

Spithshine Studios
Russ Pickman
Adrian Sikes (composed & recorded additional guitar)



all rights reserved


Cure for the radio San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: Im Not Me
This town is a ghost land
Like sleeping in a stranger’s bed
An empty pulse struggles
But the heart of Texas is dead

So you let out a sigh
Then breathe in a goodbye
We’ve gotten so good at saying goodbye
Goodbye to the ocean the skyline
Goodbye to the coast and the sand glittering like
Each grain was alive with its own soul

It’s been hours since these pills dissolved
But I cannot feel the effects at all

In the dead of the night
All is quiet all is calm

When we are dead in the night
They’ve come to cleanse your soul with a dirty bomb

You got me shaking like the surgeon’s hands
And I never felt more alive in the dead of night

Quicksand in the hourglass
With the sun against our backs
We climb as high as we can

Go on and pick your poison
Show me the difference between slave and servant
Cuz all those things you say they sound so perfect

When we get as high as we can

We could get each other so high
but I know you’ll always find some way to let me down
Track Name: Bones In A Box
Baby boy you're no good for me
Mixed signals sinking ships at sea
I was an island but I was not free
Until you came to liberate my body

Who's going to paint my eyes black and blue
Or put on some blush to cover up my bruise
Who will smudge the red from my lips
And tell me I'm pretty when I look like shit
Who's going to build me up with their words
And tell me "I love you so much that it hurts"
Who will I call my Valentine
Who will you be fucking instead of (fucking) me tonight

I'm not a fighter but I have to play the part
They’ll wear you out if they see your heart on your sleeve
I'm sure its hard when you're not sure who you are
Or you're too afraid to be who you want to be
Baby boy/girl I hate to see you struggling
If it’s a choice then why not choose to leave
We made this bed with empty promises
So hollow my thoughts echo endlessly

We grow and grow and grow
While we sleep safe and sound in our tomb
I'm just bones in a box
You're a key without a lock
Tell me what use are you
Track Name: I Dream Of Sleep
Under the skin there are veins and bones
connected to the exits off the highway roads
and the last time you and I ever spoke
there was no goodbye there was no hello

But I remember when you were still in bloom
before they came to replace your heart with a tomb

Wave to the waves as you sail away alone
there's no such thing as change
the change machine just broke

Now were caught in the currents
of this concrete sea
it has us swerving further out of reach

I work all day
stay up all night
I dream of sleep but I never close my eyes
(every night I lay alone in the dark every night drags on and on and on)

I am just a soldier
yeah just following orders
Rip Repent Repeat (the process starts all over)
Dying for a reason to live
divided by ambivalence
my motives are pre programmed
I am a modern man

They stole your soul
made a map of your skin
now you hide in the handshakes of men
I feel strangely hollow inside
so here we are so goodnight

Been drinking.
Every night inebriated.
Spent all his life
going out and celebrating
Alive and numb.
I've grown so tired
waiting for this year to expire.

He drank and drugged himself to sleep
in the cold sharp rain in the middle of the street
so spare some change some wisdom or advice
I've paid my way thru my mistakes
but now they've raised the price
Track Name: Names & Numbers
I am GOD


And you can’t see me

But you do what you’re told

I use to be so valuable

I use to be so beautiful………

You gotta do your best to do your best

Its dog eat dog and dogs eat fast

If you’re walkin in chains

And workin on the track

You’re nothing but a number with a face attached

So keep on marching towards the sunset

I find you missing when I lay down for bed…….

I had that dream again.
The one where you and I never met.